About Summerholidays2014

2014 will be another exciting year for travel. It doesn’t matter if you plan your trip in advance or wait for final last minute offers it can be very hard to decide and plan your trip.

This BLOG is dedicated solely to summer holidays 2014. We try to collect all the best offers, best ideas where you could travel as well as best deals.

Deciding where to go can be the hardest part about planning your summer holiday.

We try to give you some of the ideas on what is actual this year, which country is in,

Which summer festivals you should visit as well as who can offer you best deals when you plan your trip.

There are several main trends which will shape travel in 2014.

  • Europe city breaks will be as popular as ever.
  • Greece is slowly returning to its former glory.
  • Cheap flights are becoming a standard.

We have gathered small team of experienced travelers which was working very hard to to give you the answer on what is hot for summer holidays in 2014.

After long hours and long discussions we have settled on what we think are the best places to travel in summer of 2014.

How did we choose them?

We tried to focus on up and coming destinations ad well as some of the old favorite places.

We also tried to divide them by regions and give you choice of some of the best travel blogs covering that very specific region or a country.

It is always the best to follow what your fellow travelers say abou any particular destination.

So stay tuned and get prepared for a great summer 2014.

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